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About Us

About us

Working more than 16 years leading foreign travellers in Cusco and different parts of Peru, I understood more about the traveller’s needs, in a place where the culture and language are so different, that’s why I decided to set up JUKU, a new company for showing you the natural and architectural wonders of a country with different customs full of mystery and tradition.

Juku’s headquarter is located in Cusco to organize trips catered to your personal rhythm and style

What is Juku

Juku is a Quechua language word and it is how Andean people call to the Great Hornet Owl since the ancient times the Owl was related with the knowledge and the mystery of life and it was well respected by shamans and all people.

Owl shows you the light when you are lost in the dark and shows you the trail when you think there is not way

Why Juku ?

Juku is looking for the ways to make your trip as perfect as possible with carefully designed itinerary with you in mind from scratch to suits your expectations.

We take care of every single detail for taking care you and looking after the environment, the communities and people we find in the places we visit trying to reduce the negative impact of tourism making sure that our local contacts understand the value of NOT LEAVE TRACE and being fair with porters, guides, and all the people who is involved when you travel.

Also something important for us is the respect to any domestic or wild live, where ever we go traveling on responsible way to preserve their lives that’s why Juku cooperates with some organizations dedicated to the protection of animals.


Make our client’s travel dream come true base on the innovation of our services surpassing its expectations, creating good relationship between our clients and our Peruvian heritage then, to be considered as one of the best tour companies of the region for the quality of services and its safety.


  • Generate more opportunities of jobs
  • Preserve Peruvian Culture and Natural Patrimony.
  • Look after life of domestic and wild liv
  • To share knowledge about Cusco and Peru
  • Keep 100% locally own company
  • Support our local communities reinvesting in them
  • To work being socially responsible creating social projects to promote our aim.


  • Honesty integrity
  • Personal service
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Responsibility
  • Inspiration

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