• Royal Cusco

    The capital of the Inca Empire

  • Amazon Highland Peru

    The heart of the amazon rainforest

  • Rainbow Mountain

    View of the mountains and the Andes

  • Inca trail

    Remains of a sacred trail of the Incas

  • Huchuy Qosqo

    Impressive site with different architecture

Why Choose "JUKU TRAVEL"?

We take care of every single detail for taking care you and looking after the environment, the communities and people we find in the places we visit trying to reduce the negative impact of tourism making sure that our local contacts understand the value of NOT LEAVE TRACE and being fair with porters, guides, and all the people who are involved when you travel. Also something important for us is the respect to any domestic or wild live, where ever we go traveling on responsible way to preserve their lives that’s why Juku cooperates with some organizations dedicated to the protection of animals.


Our Excursions

Relaxing experiences and fascinating tours along the land of the Incas...

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